How do I opt out contacts from my database?


There are two ways to opt out customers from your database:

(A) By entering mobile numbers of customers you wish to opt out one at a time. This is easiest if you have a small number of contacts to opt out.

(B) By uploading an Excel spreadsheet containing the numbers you need to opt out. This is fastest for larger quantities.

(A) One at at Time

1. Go to "Manage Your Contacts".

2. Select "Opt Out" from the drop down.

3. Ensure option 1 is selected.

4. Enter the mobile number of the customer you wish to opt out.

Your customer will now be opted out of receiving texts from you.

(B) Excel Spreadsheet

1. Create an Excel spreadsheet of customer's mobile numbers that you are opting out. Remember to put mobile numbers in Column A and have no other Sheets open in the file.

2. Go to "Manage Your Contacts".

3. Select "Opt Out" from the drop down.

4. Ensure option 2 is selected.

5. Upload your spreadsheet.

6. Select the location of your contacts and click Upload.

Customer in this spreadsheet will now be opted out of receiving texts from you, easy peasy!

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