I can't send texts between 10pm and 8am. Is this normal?

Yes, it is.

We don’t allow messages to be scheduled from Text Republic outside of the site settings for unsocial hours, between 10pm and 8am.

This validation happens on the application when you are trying to send a text.

When we send our messages to the mobile operators we set a Validity Period (or VP) with each message which is defined as “The number of minutes to attempt delivery before the message expires”. Not all deliveries are successful because phones can we switched off or out of coverage so a message can be retried if the first delivery fails.

We include a value for this with each communication that ensures that the message should not be sent during unsocial hours.

For example: if a message is sent at 10am we would set V=720 (12 hours) which means keep retrying to send this for 12 hours, or until 10pm.

Another example: if you scheduled a message to go at 9.30pm, we would have a value of V=30.

Sending messages however is not a perfect science and the mobile operators could change the rules.

On occasion, the mobile operators change the re-try rules.

It is for example possible that we could deliver a message to an operator at 6pm but if the intended recipient was not in coverage the operator could send them the message when the intended recipient comes back into coverage which could be during unsocial hours.

When this happens the recipient is not annoyed that they have received a message during unsocial hours because they have just turned on their phone or come back into coverage.
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