3. How do I send a test text to myself?


At Text Republic, once you've signed up, we recommend that you test our system!

The best way to test our system is to text yourself. It's simple to do. Just follow these steps below:

1. Log in to your account.

2. You will be automatically taken to the Send SMS page (top right yellow tab).

3. Write your message.

4. Click the green "next" button to go to Step 2.

5. Select "send to individual number".

6. Enter your number.

7. Click "Next" to Step 3.

8.  Select "Schedule your message for now".

9.  Click "Next" to Step 4.

10.  Select "I am happy to send", confirm the selection and you're done!

Your text will not be sent until your account has been validated by the team at Text Republic. However, your test text will be queued and sent as soon your account is approved.

We promise to approve accounts within One Hour, Monday to Friday 9 - 5. Please allow for additional time on evenings and weekends.


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