How do I add contacts to groups using a spreadsheet?


At Text Republic we recommend using the spreadsheet upload option for adding large quantities of contacts to groups.
Just follow these simple steps below!

1. Log in to your Text Republic account at

2. Click on the tab "Manage Your Contacts".

3. Click on the sub-tab "Add Contacts."

4. Select Option Two.

5. Under Step 1  click "Choose File" and attach your spreadsheet. Remember:

  • Phone numbers must be in Column A of the spreadsheet.
  • There must only be one sheet in the spreadsheet
  • Have a different spreadsheet for each group (ie. Don't have contacts for Shop A mixed in a spreadsheet with contacts for Shop B.

6. Under Step 2, select the location of your contacts.

7. In Step 3, select the group you wish to add the contacts to if applicable. If you haven't got around to creating a group yet and wish to do so, just click on manage groups. 

8. Click upload!

See, we promised it was easy!! :)

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